Saturday, August 13, 2005

Tasmanian Sunrise

This photo was taken in Tasmania along the Tamar Valley. It may not be obvious, but the water is only ankle deep! If you've never been to Tasmania, it's definitely a great experience: the air is so pure, and the scenery is breath-taking! I just couldn't stop clicking away at the camera...


Blogger Eric said...

Congratulations Sophie and welcome to the world of City photo bloggers! It's time consuming but so much fun!
Depeche-toi de t'acheter un appareil, c'est plus sympa quand on fait ses propres photos!

PS: you're already in my blogroll.

16/8/05 2:11 am  
Anonymous sophie said...

Eric, ce sont mes propres photos, juste pas mon propre appareil (malheureusement!). But I'm determined to save up and get one soon!

16/8/05 8:05 am  

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