Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sidere mens eadem mutato

That's latin for "The stars change, [but] the mind [remains] the same". I've been studying at The University of Sydney for 5 years and I've only just found out what our motto means!

The University of Sydney is the oldest university in Australia (established in 1850), and one of the first buildings to be built when the university moved to its present location was the Quadrangle building (part of which is pictured here). It was designed by Edmund Blacket and completed in 1862. It's a beautiful sandstone building, and it provides quite a grand atmosphere to the whole university - its 'central feature', if you will. There will be more photos in the future, so I can show you what I mean:)


Blogger Tomate Farcie said...

Hey, you've added this cute little counter with the flags! Cool!

See you next time (and thanks for the compliment)


18/8/05 6:38 am  
Anonymous sophie said...

Salut Tomate! If you want to add the counter thing, just click on the bit that says "NeoCOUNTER", all you have to do is give them an email, and then you can have one too! :)

18/8/05 11:23 pm  
Blogger iNkY pAwZ said...

*hiakz* Missed going to SYD uni...
snap snap happy moments ;)

19/8/05 11:38 pm  
Anonymous sophie said...

Hi Inky pawz! So glad you decided to leave a comment! haha:) Yes, Sydney Uni is a beautiful place to be studying at, and I will surely post more pics of it in future!

20/8/05 1:30 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw the Sidere Mens Eadem Mutato motto on Challis House, also my surname, and 4 being my real life house number now... wooooo!

19/4/06 6:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Sophie. I found out the motto of our uni today by accident...When i try to know what it is, i found your world. Nice to meet you!


11/11/08 4:34 pm  

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