Thursday, August 18, 2005

The remaining Apostles

Not exactly a Sydney picture, I know, but how could I not show you my very own picture of the Twelve Apostles? Well, actually, when I took this shot, there were still 9 Apostles standing tall (not all visible in this shot). And recently, one of them collapsed, leaving only 8 behind! The photo is a little blur because, believe it or not, it was raining! That annoying, sharp, strong kind of drizzle, with lots of wind. Lucky for me, the sun decided to peak out of the clouds long enough for me to take the shot.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that the Apostles are found on the coast of Victoria, a state in the south-east corner of Australia. The whole coast offers beautiful site after beautiful site, and attracts lost of tourists from everywhere. The coastal road that brings you to all these wonders is called the Great Ocean Road, and if ever you come to Australia and you have time for a leisurely drive, I definitely recommended it!


Blogger Vulcan said...

I'm very sad to hear about the Apostles.. I was there in 1993 during a music tour with my old band.. that means it could happen to the others too... :(

7/1/06 2:07 am  
Blogger Ming said...

It is very nice and I love it. I have saved it into my computer. Someday I am going to Australia too.

Thank you,


12/5/07 3:59 pm  

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