Tuesday, August 23, 2005

On Broadway!

Sydney's very own Broadway has nothing to do with musical theatre! Rather, you'll find the term is synonymous with shopping (mainly groceries), movies and 3 hours free parking (which is very rare is Sydney)! The building that the shopping centre now occupies used to belong to Grace Brothers, and you may be able to distinguish the name near the top of the building. There's a nice, short little blurb about it here.

If you visit Eric's blog, there's a photo of the Hotel de France which is being restored into new housing blocks, all while keeping the original facade of the Hotel. This was also the fate of the Grace Bros building when it was 'internally' transformed into The Broadway Shopping Centre!


Blogger Hobbes said...

Aaaah, good ol' 3hr-parking in Broadway.

Btw, why roses? I don't recall you owning red spectacles; unless of course life's making you "see" red.

That gives me a great idea. You should pick a photo to depict your mood and change its properties every day. For eg, a contrast-upped photo for a bright and vivid day/mood.

Now all I gotta do is find a pale and dark photo. No photoshop at work is a crime.

24/8/05 2:05 pm  
Anonymous sophie said...

Well, actually, 'rose' to me is more like pink (in fact, it's the French word for pink) and it reminded me of this story I had to write when I was at school in France. I think the topic went something like this: "You wake up one day and the whole world is pink." I can't really remember what I wrote, but it drew out the artsy side of me!

They also have an expression in French "voir la vie en rose" (lit. "to see life in pink"), which means "to be optimistic". I can't quite remember if we have a similar expression in English, my languages all seem to be getting mixed up!

As for the photo-mood idea, I'll definitely consider it once I know a little more about photoshop! haha:)

24/8/05 7:42 pm  
Blogger Hobbes said...

très intéressant!

25/8/05 4:30 pm  
Blogger Tomate Farcie said...

Grace Brothers just like the 1970's BBC series? Funny.

I don't know either if there is a proper English translation for "la vie en rose." Wikipedia refers us to the famous song written by Edith Piaf in 1945, so I'd say the closest translation I can think of is, indeed, optimism.

30/8/05 2:14 am  
Anonymous sophie said...

Hi Tomate!
Hmm, I'm not sure about the BBC series... don't think I've ever seen it!

Ah, yes, I do remember Edith Piaf singing away "la vie en rose". Reminds me of the ad they used to have on tv in France when I was young, about the laundry powder; they used Edith Piaf's song for it: "Coral, la vie en rose!". Haha:)

30/8/05 10:06 pm  

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